MCQBOM² / 12

While making the last Mad Cat Quilts Block Of the Month, I had scraps and extra time, and threw this block together right after. 


I can't wait to do a group photo of this bom! I've been super happy with the way these blocks have come together. 

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MCQBOM² / 11

You would think it would be easy to find the time to make two blocks a month. But somehow I always feel like I'm behind with the Mad Cat Quilts BOM. This block was again inspired by Pat Sloan and her amazing free patterns. 


This week some friends and I had an art salon of sorts. We gathered at a friend's house and all made art together! Interestingly enough, I wasn't the only one hand sewing! We plan to make our salon a regular thing! Everyone who came got work done and it was nice to chat, explore idea, and discuss our work!

Do you prefer to work alone, or make art around friends and family?

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MCQBOM² / 10

Another super simple block for this weeks Mad Cat Quilts Block of the Month. My plan right now is to do two blocks per month. Sometimes I need fast and simple blocks to achieve this goal. 


This block was inspired by Pat Sloan. I love her free, simple tutorials and approach to quilting. I gain so much inspiration from her. 

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How are you BOMs going so far this year?


I needed a really easy and simple block for my BOM today. Can't get much easier than this. I plan to put some boarders around it later when I "square" up my blocks. But for now, this block was perfect. 


This block works perfectly for my Mad Cat Quilts Block Of The Month as well; Simple building blocks of quilting. It's just about time to do another group photo for this BOM, but I was loosing light on this day. 

How are everyone else's BOMs going so far in 2018?

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As usual, I can't remember where I found the block inspiration for the 8th block in my Mad Cat Quilts Block Of Month. I really like this block! 


I have been finding it challenging to find easy building block type quilt blocks for this BOM, but that's part of the fun! I snag them when I see them, which is why I often can't remember where I find them. Even though these are simple blocks, sometimes I have a hard time finding a minute to sew them. But so far, all these blocks have come together quickly and easily, when I finally sit down to make them. 

What BOMs is everyone working on now?

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MCQBOM² Group Photo / 2

For quite. few weeks now, I haven't gathered all my Mad Cat Quilts BOM blocks together. Here they are:


Clearly all the blocks are different sizes and don't fit together yet! I'm not too worried yet, but I have to get on with my plan to try and get my blocks be be more uniform in size. Bc I don't measure, except by eye, I want to continue making a few more blocks before I try to make these more uniform. 

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MCQBOM² / 6 + A Plan

For my new BOM, I'm using all blocks with squares in them. Simple squares are an essential building block of quilting! MCQBOM² started in September 2017 and I've kinda made 1 - 2 blocks per month depending on how I feel, or what's happening in life.  Since it's January, a new year, and getting close to the 6 month mark of working on this BOM, I decided it was time to make a plan for what I want to do with it. 

This block was so fun to make! Not sure where I found it but I love the snowball/bowtie effect!

This block was so fun to make! Not sure where I found it but I love the snowball/bowtie effect!

For those who have followed along for a while, you know that when I say plan, I mean loose, vague idea for a plan. That's how my improv quilting works. I know that I want to try to be more diligent about sewing 2 blocks per month going forward. I want to stick with my theme of basic blocks with simple squares and my color scheme of blue, green, yellow, red/purple, grey and neutral. I'd like to try and get my blocks a bit more uniform in size. Right now the first six vary wildly! And lastly I'd like to finish this BOM's blocks around Sept 2018, but continue to work on it and have a finished quilt by the end of the year. 

As far as plans go, it's pretty vague, but I like it! I'm ready to start working towards these goals!

Is anyone else out there starting their own BOM this year? 

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This is sweet churn dash variation that I found from just searching google for simple blocks. I looked back at the link after I made it and you can find that here. I really like this small squares in this block for MCQBOM² . 


This churn dash was sooooo easy to put together and really cute. I didn't get a chance to take a photo of all the blocks together but this one came out way smaller than the rest. I might add a boarder, but who knows!

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For this simple, square heavy, Mad Cat Quilts Block Of the Month I took inspirations from Pat Sloan, once again. 


I like this block bc it's easy to break into little units and piece together. I think this block would be a great one to bring for travel sewing. Below is the photo I used to create this block. Pat Sloan's sew alongs are great, and I highly suggest looking through them for inspiration. 


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For my new 2017 BOM, I'm using all blocks with squares in them. Simple squares are an essential building block of quilting! 

I'm not sure how I found the block I'm using for my 3rd block, but it came from Quilt Fabrication. She had a bunch of different variations, but I went with one that had a interlocked feel. 


This could be a super fun block to repeat in a quilt!

I couldn't fine my other blocks when I took the photos, but I can't wait to see what all the blocks look like together!

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Even before 2017 started, I began thinking of what this year's MadCatQuiltsBOM would be. I had had so much fun working on MCQBOM2016! I chose a theme, had lists and references, but alas, by March I had already given up on the new BOM. It just wan't the right fit. I thought, well, there's always 2018... but I missed making monthly blocks. 

But then I realized that it was MY BOM, and I could start one any time I liked!!

And so I started again, inspired by the last HoneyPotBee block I completed. I found a bunch of blocks that I wanted to make and they all seemed to have squares. MCQBOM² was born. 

I'm calling that Honey Pot Bee block the first block. This second block, I have no idea where I found it! It came together quickly and I added borders, to make the blog bigger but also to make it match with the first block. 


As always, I don't follow a pattern, just improve each block. Nothing is measured, everything is cut with scissors, everything is hand sewn. Although I have several blocks on deck, I have no plan for the finished product yet. But if you like either of these blocks, or the direction this BOM is going, feel free to follow along!


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Admit Defeat

It's time to admit defeat for this year's MCQBOM. 

In 2016, I really enjoyed trying to make a new (to me) block every month. So naturally I wanted to try it again in 2017. The first Mad Cat Quilts Block Of the Month was all random blocks, it didn't matter what they were as long as I had never made them before. In 2017, I decided that the MCQBOM would be all picture blocks. 

I now believe that this was my first fatal flaw. My second was choosing an all grey color theme. I love grey and I thought I would like to try making picture blocks bc I never make them. Turns out, I don't make them bc I don't like to make them. Combining this with a, let's face it, drab color scheme made me just not want to go forward.  

I struggled with the impulse to stop a project, not even in the middle but in the relative beginning. I felt bad about not enjoying it. But I realized that it really was not bringing me joy. Each month felt like a chore. 

Looking at the blocks now, I do like them and I think this could be an interesting quilt if it ever gets finished. Maybe one day I will resume this BOM but for now, I must admit defeat. 

Have you begun any projects in 2017 that you just don't want to finish? 

Checking in on MCQBOM2016

In 2016 I made my first Mad Cat Quilts BOM. I chose blocks each month that I had never sewn before. I wasn't sure how I was going to lay them all out in the end. I decided to echo the geometric theme of the fabric but creating a simple grid with a dark sashing. 

I actually started sashing the blocks before I even finished the last block in December. But then I let it sit for a while. I added it to my first quarter FAL, but it still sat. 

This week, I gathered all the wrinkly parts and started finishing sashing the blocks. Elvis helped me, but he got a bit bored. He here is caught mid yawn: 

So, now MCQBOM2016 is getting closer to being a quilt top!! The blocks were all a bit different in size so I added some extra of the grey here and there. It's pretty wonky, but I'm really happy with it!


These are not the best photos, the fabric is wrinkly and not laid out flat, cats are everywhere! But that's how I work so I think it's worth seeing in it's true in progress shape! 

I also added this quilt to my Q2FAL list, so I'm happy to be making some headway on it. Now I'm on a bit of a roll. I'll post more soon! Today I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday, BOMs Away at What a Hoot, and more!

MCQBOM2017 - February - New Block

For the second month of the Mad Cat Quilts Block of the Month, I chose a Spool Block

All the blocks in 2017 will be picture blocks and this struck me as a common block that I have never tried to make. 

I procrastinated on this block a long time for some reason. It's only February! I should still be stoked for the MCQBOM2017!! But for some reason, I put this one off almost all month. 
Now that it's done, I'm quite happy with it. It's got some very rough edges but I will fix them up later. 

If your following along at home, here is the MCQBOM so far:
Dec - 0) Improve Tree Block
Jan - 1) Pineapple Block
Feb - 2) Spool Block
Mar - 4) House Block - Coming soon!
April - 5) ?
May - 6) ?
June - 7) ?
July - 8) ?
Aug - 9) ?
Sept - 10) ?
Oct - 11) ?
Nov - 12) ?
Dec - 13) ?
Although I have a pretty good plan of what other blocks I'll include, I'm keeping future blocks a mystery for now! I also have some plans for layout and what I will want the finished quilt to look like also under wraps. 

Anyone else out there working on creating their own BOMs? It's a fun exercise!

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MadCatQuiltsBOM 2017 + New Block: Pineapple

Last year, I started a BOM of blocks I had never made before. I have decided to continue this tradition so here is the very first post for MCQBOM2017!!

In 2016, I didn't choose any blocks before the month I would create them, but in 2017 I have a much clearer idea of what I want to sew. For MCQBOM2017, I will still be sewing blocks I have never made before, but they will all be picture blocks; Blocks that clearly represent an image. 

I don't use picture blocks in my quilting very much, if ever, but I often like the look of these blocks in finished quilts. I have compiled a list of blocks I want to complete this year, with a vague idea of how the finished quilt will come together. I have more than 12 blocks that I might want to sew, so as usual, there is a lot of room to move around or change in this project. 

With the 2016 MCQBOM, I tried to get out of my comfort zone color and fabric wise. I'm doing that again this year with several projects. For MCQBOM2017, I have decided on an all grey and black fabric pull. I'm not sure why. But I think this might turnout very interesting!

And now, without further ado, the January block for MCQBOM2017 is the Pineapple Block!


I chose the Pineapple for the first block bc it is a symbol of welcome and prosperity and I thought that was a good way to start off the new year. I found a few tutorials for this block on pinterest, but didn't use one in particular. My husband is joining me this year, but he didn't want his block shown this time. 

We also did a warm up block back in December that came from Molli Sparkles' Honey Pot Bee, an improve tree. 

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New Block: Improve Tree + Honey Pot Bee 2017

For me, this year might be the year of the BOM. There are just so many great ones out there! A BOM that's really interesting is Molli Sparkles' Honey Pot Bee. This project is a cross between a BOM and a block bee. Molli says there will be 2 blocks each month, with maybe some surprises added in. 

This block was actually one of those surprises! Molli announced this block in Dec as sort of a warm up for 2017. 

I made mine hand sewn and scrappy, using vintage wool and some fabric from old jeans. 

Mine is pretty wonky, of course. My husband is a beginner machine sewist and his came out quite neat!

Mine is pretty wonky, of course. My husband is a beginner machine sewist and his came out quite neat!

It turns out that the MadCatQuiltsBOM2017 (more on that soon) is all about picture blocks so I thought that this would also be a great as a warm up for that BOM as well!

My husband is joining the MCQBOM for 2017, so he created the improv tree block, too. 

My color palate for the MCQBOM2017 is all grey so I made this block in that color way. But that means I still haven't figured out a fabric pull for The Honey Pot Bee. I Hope I will have by the  time I get to the January block. 

Please continue to share the BOMs and FALs your working on this year! Who else is joining the Honey Pot Bee?

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