MCQBOM2017 - February - New Block

For the second month of the Mad Cat Quilts Block of the Month, I chose a Spool Block

All the blocks in 2017 will be picture blocks and this struck me as a common block that I have never tried to make. 

I procrastinated on this block a long time for some reason. It's only February! I should still be stoked for the MCQBOM2017!! But for some reason, I put this one off almost all month. 
Now that it's done, I'm quite happy with it. It's got some very rough edges but I will fix them up later. 

If your following along at home, here is the MCQBOM so far:
Dec - 0) Improve Tree Block
Jan - 1) Pineapple Block
Feb - 2) Spool Block
Mar - 4) House Block - Coming soon!
April - 5) ?
May - 6) ?
June - 7) ?
July - 8) ?
Aug - 9) ?
Sept - 10) ?
Oct - 11) ?
Nov - 12) ?
Dec - 13) ?
Although I have a pretty good plan of what other blocks I'll include, I'm keeping future blocks a mystery for now! I also have some plans for layout and what I will want the finished quilt to look like also under wraps. 

Anyone else out there working on creating their own BOMs? It's a fun exercise!

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