Even before 2017 started, I began thinking of what this year's MadCatQuiltsBOM would be. I had had so much fun working on MCQBOM2016! I chose a theme, had lists and references, but alas, by March I had already given up on the new BOM. It just wan't the right fit. I thought, well, there's always 2018... but I missed making monthly blocks. 

But then I realized that it was MY BOM, and I could start one any time I liked!!

And so I started again, inspired by the last HoneyPotBee block I completed. I found a bunch of blocks that I wanted to make and they all seemed to have squares. MCQBOM² was born. 

I'm calling that Honey Pot Bee block the first block. This second block, I have no idea where I found it! It came together quickly and I added borders, to make the blog bigger but also to make it match with the first block. 


As always, I don't follow a pattern, just improve each block. Nothing is measured, everything is cut with scissors, everything is hand sewn. Although I have several blocks on deck, I have no plan for the finished product yet. But if you like either of these blocks, or the direction this BOM is going, feel free to follow along!


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