Admit Defeat

It's time to admit defeat for this year's MCQBOM. 

In 2016, I really enjoyed trying to make a new (to me) block every month. So naturally I wanted to try it again in 2017. The first Mad Cat Quilts Block Of the Month was all random blocks, it didn't matter what they were as long as I had never made them before. In 2017, I decided that the MCQBOM would be all picture blocks. 

I now believe that this was my first fatal flaw. My second was choosing an all grey color theme. I love grey and I thought I would like to try making picture blocks bc I never make them. Turns out, I don't make them bc I don't like to make them. Combining this with a, let's face it, drab color scheme made me just not want to go forward.  

I struggled with the impulse to stop a project, not even in the middle but in the relative beginning. I felt bad about not enjoying it. But I realized that it really was not bringing me joy. Each month felt like a chore. 

Looking at the blocks now, I do like them and I think this could be an interesting quilt if it ever gets finished. Maybe one day I will resume this BOM but for now, I must admit defeat. 

Have you begun any projects in 2017 that you just don't want to finish?