YOTS2017: February / Gifted Fabric

YOTS (Year of the Stash) started in 2016 as a community project and link up to help quilters use up stash instead of buy new. There is no community link up for 2017, but I am continuing the challenge for myself anyway! I have written my YOTS2017 manifesto and am committed to another Year of the Stash!

I'm pretty lucky to have friends and family that know I love fabric and gift it to me from time to time. Earlier this year, my Brother In Law sent me some vintage fabric he found. 

I've been using them up when I can, especially as backing as there is a ton of fabric!! I love that I can incorporate a gift, vintage and reclaim fabric, and the thoughtfulness that came with it, into my work.  

My monthly stash report looks little different from last month. A little got used, but none came in so far!
Fabric Added from the Since Last Update: 0
Fabric Added Year to Date: Approximately 13.25
Fabric Used Since Since Last Update: Approximately 1 yd
Fabric Used Year to Date: Approximately 4 yd

So 2017 is rolling right along. Feel free to add your stash update to the comments or put a link to your posts!