YOTS2017 / Rummage Sale Finds

I wasn't thinking about fabric when we set out to a huge rummage sale in Far Hills NJ that we heard about earlier this week. I was actually in the market for a second hand water pitcher. And maybe some records...

So, I was happily surprised when my husband pointed out the linen tent which had a whole section devoted to fabric! There was a ton a apolsetry fabrics as well as weird synthetics for clothing or costume, but mixed in there was some quilty goodness!! And I was even more pleased to see that there was vintage fabric, not just newer items.  

Part of my Year of the Stash Manifesto always includes not buying too much new fabric each year. We're trying to use our stash, not increase it! But I do always allow for some shopping, especially when it's from finding vintage fabric! I try to incorporate some vintage fabric in all my work, so coming across a small jackpot like the Far Hills Rummage Sale is always exciting! I also love to get most of my fabric second hand even if it is newer. It feels good to use up what someone couldn't and it fits right in with my zero waste philosophies! 


Finding this fabric was bittersweet as it nearly doubled my intake for the year! But think of all the wonderful things I will sew!! And I got all 19.5 yards for only $27! That's approximately $1.38/yard! I can't wait to unroll all the bundles and take a closer look as I start putting this fabric to good use!

Here's what my YOTS stash report looks like this month:
Fabric Added Since Last Update: Approximately 19.5yd
Fabric Added Year to Date: Approximately 42.75yd
Fabric Used Since Last Update: Approximately 0 yd
Fabric Used Year to Date: Approximately 13.5 yd

Sadly, there isn't a YOTS link up this year, but I am linking up with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash. Who else out there is still working on Year of The Stash? How's it going?

PS, I never did find a water pitcher. Too distracted, I guess!


On Wednesday, Stitched in Color announced her new challange, 30 Days Of Fabric Stacks. I read the post that morning and have been thinking bout it ever since. I don't usually go in for monthly challenges, but although this one is a 30 day challenge, you have more than 30 days to complete it! I love how she says:
"Would you like to explore the possibilities of your fabrics on hand, to rekindle that spark of excitement felt upon their first arrival?"
That line got me thinking about how perfectly this challenge fits in with YOTS (Year of The Stash)!

The first challenge prompt is True Blue and here's my Fabric Stack -

Tray as I might, I couldn't keep the cats from sitting on this stack. Cat hair!

Tray as I might, I couldn't keep the cats from sitting on this stack. Cat hair!

I thought of a cloudless, fading-to-night sky while putting these fabrics together. I'm not sure if they will ever become more than a stack, but it was fun to imagine while putting them together. 

Racheal encourages you to do them in order, but at your own pace, and finish by Aug 6th. There's a contest and prizes, so you should check out her full post! Personally, I'm not sure if I'll finish this challenge but I plan to use it as some YOTS inspiration, for sure! Here are the rest of the prompts:

  • Day 1:  True Blue
  • Day 2:  Ethereal
  • Day 3:  Orange
  • Day 4:  New Fabric
  • Day 5:  Baby
  • Day 6:  Folksy Fall
  • Day 7:  Yellow
  • Day 8:  Hand Dyed or Printed
  • Day 9:  Softly Against Black
  • Day 10:  Fabric I Want
  • Day 11:  Complementary Colors
  • Day 12:  Green
  • Day 13:  Scale
  • Day 14:  Masculine
  • Day 15:  Aqua/Teal
  • Day 16:  Novelty
  • Day 17:  Pink
  • Day 18:  Clashy Bright
  • Day 19:  Gray
  • Day 20:  Fabric I hoard
  • Day 21:  Purple
  • Day 22:  Analogous Colors
  • Day 23:  Teen
  • Day 24:  Almost Primary
  • Day 25:  Old Fabric
  • Day 26:  Rainbow
  • Day 27:  Brown
  • Day 28:  Soft Botanical
  • Day 29:  All Solids
  • Day 30:  My Style

Are you joining in with #30daysoffabricstacks