The Lighthouse

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I'm not sure where I got this copy of The Lighthouse, one in a series of Adam Dalgliesh mysteries, by PD James, but I'm guessing it was a book sale or stoop. I don't make it a point to pick up her novels when I see them in the wild, but I should!


I've read several PD James books and her eloquent, subtle, and evocative writing has a way of being lengthy, intricate and simple at the same time. She will form a sentence, that when looked at as a whole, seems exceedingly complex and complicated, but when read, flows so naturally and easily, it is a joy to read.  

Combe Island doesn't just seem like a perfect, idyllic, restful spot where a person of very stressful and crucial, high profile job might come to find absolute seclusion, rest, and peace, it was designed that way. It's staff and occupants pride themselves of the total serenity given to the rich and powerful, so they are completely shocked when murder rocks the tiny island. Dalgliesh and his small team are the only appropriate response for such delicate matters.

I put off reading this book for a long time bc it is late in the series of James' most famous detective. Despite it being the 13th book, and taking place in the middle of many of the characters lives, it was easy to jump in having not read many (if any at all) of the other novels. I guess I should have known. Reading this book definitely made me want to read the ones that came before and learn more about the central characters and how they came to be. Besides the revered and astute Dalgleish and his crew, The Lighthouse has the mismatched characters of Combe island for you to get to know. This mystery kept me guessing until the last fourth of the book, and only when I wasn't reading did I think "how will it end?". While reading, I was just hoping to soak up more of the action and intrigue. I would recommend this book to anyone who like mysteries with stoic detectives, anglophiles (like myself), and people who like books set on islands. 

What is your favorite book set on an island? Who is your favorite serial detective?