MCQBOM2016 - The Next Steps

Last year, I decided I would try to make a block a month, that these would all be blocks I had never made before, and that they would all match by using a pull of mainly geometric fabric from my stash, and so the very first MadCatQuiltsBOM was born.  

With only a few late arrivals, this BOM went really smoothly and quickly (if you can say that since it has a 12 month life time). For me, the hardest and most intense part of creating a BOM was coming up with inspiration for the blocks themselves. I purposely did not decide each block ahead of it's month. I made a folder of blocks that looked interesting and searched that, or used a block I had just seen, when it came time to pick that month's block. Since all my quilting is improvisational, it didn't matter if I had a pattern or not. A clear picture is all I use. 

I used fabric I had pulled in the beginning of the year, inspired by a few fat quarters I was gifted by my husband. Over the months, I would add to this pull but always tried to tie the blocks together with vibe of the original fabrics. 

My blocks tend to come out all different sizes, but I wasn't too worried about that and didn't think much on how the blocks would all end up together in the end at all. This challenge, for me, was mostly about getting the blocks done in the time frame allotted. 

That being said, towards the end of the year, I did find a fabric I really loved and wanted to incorporate as a sashing, so I started playing around with some possible layouts. Bc the blocks are very different, and all different sizes, I found a simple grid to be the most appealing. 

So now here we are with the very first MCQBOM getting stitched into a quilt top. Just as when I was creating the blocks, I'm not thinking much ahead, about the backing or quilting yet. I have put this quilt on my Q1 of the 2017FAL, and I'm hoping to work on it steadily until it's finished. 

You can check out the posts for this project here. I tried to link up to where I found the blocks or inspiration from the blocks whenever possible. I'll be sharing updates along the way!

I found MCQBOM2016 to be incredibly rewarding and fun and so have decided to continue the tradition and create another BOM for 2017. I even got my husband to sew along with me this time! I'll be rolling out my ideas for that BOM, which will be quite different, soon. 

Have you created or participated in any BOMs you are especially proud of? Share links in the comments! And feel free to use any blocks from MCQBOM2016 that might inspire you, or follow along in 2017. 

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