Catching up with Bullet Journaling

Back in April, I wrote about starting my Bullet Journal a few weeks before, and now, 10 months later, I'm still keeping up with it. At the end of November, I finished the first note book I used (one I already had in my stash) and started a new book for December and the new year!

I've learned a lot about how to make BuJo work for me. And I've found that I really like to use this method of organization. I have streamlined many aspects that I started with but also added more items that help me track and organize more effectively. 
My journal is what BuJo-ers call a minimalist journal, bc it doesn't have fancy calligraphy or embellishments, it's not decorated with designs, drawings, or wash tape. This journal, for me, is purely utilitarian. 
That being said, I do enjoy using a nice notebook and pen. I'm currently using a Fabriano spiral bound notebook with graph paper and a Uni-ball black pen. 

I use only four Symbols on a regular basis now, as opposed to when I first started. I use a Dot to denote any task or action I can complete, including an event. I use an X for any task/action completed, and an Arrow for any task/action that gets moved forward or back. I use a Dash for notes or lists. Occasionally I still use a little Eyeball for research. 

I've streamlined my Index to be easier to read. I use paperclips to keep important pages bookmarked while I'm using the journal, but plan to highlight important notes in the index once the journal is complete. That way, I can look at the index of an old book and immediately see important list/notes/etc... in this current notebook, I've become much better at filling out my index as I go.
My current Future Log is pretty messy. I want to make this work better for me going forward. I want to gather and keep all birthdays here.  I have only 6 months ahead in my current journal and am waiting to see if this works for me.
I have divided my Monthly Calendar into two main sections, one for daily activities, events, bdays, etc..., and one for my work schedule which includes multiple jobs, meetings, work related activities, etc... I also have a Monthly Calendar that is a money tracker and blog tracker. This I fill in daily, once I know what I have spent or blogged. Tracking my expenses and extra earnings on each Daily Log, and then listing it on this Monthly Calendar has replaced the old method I used for tracking expenses and earnings. 
I still use the Monthly Task list the way that I did in the beginning. I'm working to keep this area less cluttered and more easy to understand, as well. I will often use the bottom of this page to store a recipe or definition I think I might look back to. 
I've streamlined my Monthly Habit Tracker so that it is easier to read and has two sections: one to reflect the first half on the month and one to track the second half. Dividing the month makes it easier for me to see what actually got done, and keep my tracker neat. 
For January, I'm trying out a Monthly Cleaning Tracker. I have made lists of each item in each room I want to clean regularly. I have a section for each week of the month, and a space to check off what gets done which week. So far, this isn't working the best, so I might change the layout to be more like my Monthly Tracker in February. 
My Daily Logs have changes quite a bit since I started my Bullet Journal. I used to make one Daily Log per page and start them many days in advance. I have trained myself to work one day at a time, often with two or three days per page, and only start the next day midway thru the current one. This helps me not put off tasks by moving them too far in the future, concentrate on the current day's tasks, not make lists that are impossibly long, and achieve more of my daily goals. I also record my meals, feelings on the day, expenses and extra earnings on each Daily Log. These changes have been a huge help in making my BuJo more effective. 
I still make many Lists and Notes and bookmark the pages with paperclips so I can easily look over them when needed. 


I recently started a work BuJo for my out of home jobs. I'm not sure how this will work out and I'm sure there will be a lot of trial and error, but mostly I'm hoping I can use it to keep all my work notes and tasks organized. 

Overall, I find that keeping a Bullet Journal has helped me stay focused and organized in my day to day life and I really enjoy it!! It has kept me from depression many times by allowing me to achieve tasks, feel productive, and see results! I highly recommend this method if you're at all a list maker. 
Does anyone else keep a Bullet Journal? Share your thoughts and ideas here!