New Block: Failed Star

Here we are six months into my MadCatQuiltsBOM! How did we get here so fast!? I've had such a great time coming up with new blocks to make and pushing myself to try new things!
For June I'd chosen a star block using diamond shapes I'd glimpsed. It was an 8 point star, similar to a Sawtooth Star.    

My inspiration came from  Pomegranate and Chintz , but I can remember what post...

My inspiration came from Pomegranate and Chintz, but I can remember what post...

Here's where my no measuring, no rulers method kinda falls down. I cut out eight diamonds in what I thought looked like a good approximation of what I needed and started sewing them together. And immediately hit some problems. No points, bunching, ugh. I decided to take two of the points out and try again.... But that made the sewing of the background awkward at best. I ended up making it way bigger to compensate. 


So, although this block got a little out of hand, I'm keeping it in the BOM. It was a great learning experience, for sure. I hope to try diamond shapes again... but not too soon.