OMG July Goal

July is here, the 2nd quarter of the finish along is over, the third is beginning, and it's time to pick my July OMG (One Monthly Goal). But first, let's check in and see how I did with the first six months of OMGs. 

January - OC/GC Baby Quilt - Not Completed in Jan but...
February - OC/GC Baby Quilt - Completed.
March - Baby Quilt Commission #2 - Completed.
April - Orignial Mini - Completed.
May  - Finish Ohio Star Quilt - Not completed. 


So, for June I attempted to finish two quilts (Ohio Star Quilt and Tree of Life Baby Quilt) and that didn't work. At the moment I'm 3/6 of my goals and that's not too bad. 

I'm keeping it simple for July, setting aside my defeated June goals, and picking up a quilt that is on my Q2 and Q3 lists. So for July I'll try to quilt the Maybe Lyz Quilt. Just the quilting on this one is my goal. This one is an old top that needs finished!

How's everyone else's OMG year going?

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