Full Circle Sponges

Disclaimer: My product reviews are completely unsponsored and unsolicited. The opinions are my own from my own experiences. If someone would like to sponsor a post, please contact me thru the contact button above. 

I'd been looking into some eco friendly, recycled, and/or made in the USA kitchen sponge options. I'd tried a few of the big businesses eco versions and just wasn't satisfied with their performance or completely convinced they were better for the environment/world. 

When I discovered MightyNest and their box subscription, MightyFix (more on that later), I was excited to see that they had some of the sponges that I was researching. They also offered free shipping if you add items to your MightyFix order. How nice!

Like many, I'm just starting my journey on how to live a more sustainable life, and just learning how to find good companies to help me on my way. Full Circle is doing some interesting things as a company, so I wonder how their products are to use. MightyNest offers several Full Circle products and there are many more on the Full Circle Website. I purchased the Walnut Scrubber Sponges and the Scour Pads. 

Now I'm not sponge expert but here are some of my observations.

The first thing I noticed, taking the sponge out of the package, was how tough and durable it felt dry. Some sponges feel weak and floppy. I recently tried a Twist sponge (that I picked up in a Whole Foods without researching, bc I desperately needed a new sponge) and it was bulky and weird feeling and now destined to wash bathroom areas. 

After the first uses, I had a good feeling about this sponge. The walnut scrubby side gets the sticky food, and the sponge side is really absorbent. After thirty uses, I still like it!! The sponge side has stayed clean and white. Unlike the Twist Sponge which stained and felt dirty almost immediately. There is some pilling on the scrubby side, but it comes off easily with a little tugging and leaves a still useful scrubber.  

I haven't used the scour pads yet as I haven't felt the need to. The sponge works great on it's own! I would recommend this product and will definitely be trying other items from Full Circle. 

Now, maybe this is a terribly dull post, but I can't help but get excited every time I find a more sustainable option for daily life. Have you recently added any sustainable products to your routines?