Modest Goals

Although 2014 seems like it will be a very exciting year, I'm trying to keep my goals and aspirations to a minimum, to take things as they come, and with an open mind. 

2013 was a big year in many respects. Many things changed in my life and work. All positive, but sometimes stressful. Sometimes it was hard to not be discouraged, to keep going until the positivity showed through. Quilting helped me along the way. Not only was it a personal goal I set out to achieve, but it was a way to de-stress, stay calm, and meditate. By the end of the year, I had made quite a few things, and started the Mad Cat Quilts website officially. I tried to make items that I could sell, but I also worked on gifts for friends and family. It felt wonderful. It was wonderful. 

In the first few days of 2014 I realized that I did not have a quilt that I had made for myself to own. All the quilts were for other people, or for the shop. I decided to keep one for myself. It is so satisfying to see it on my bed at night. It feels like the first time I saw one of the quilts I had gifted being used by it's recipient. This is what quilts are for! I love seeing them rolled, or folded in cute, colorful piles, but when they are bunched up and used and loved, it's even better. I started working on quilts that friends had asked for. Not commissioned, just requested. It felt good to be making things with certain people in mind and not even think about putting them in the shop. I started thinking of people whose birthdays were coming up, or who might need something to cheer and warm them this year. The more quilts I make, the happier I am, it seems.

I know a lot of quilters pick a word as a mantra for the beginning of each year. I've seen a lot of these words quilted, or incorporated into quilts. Some words I might choose for 2014 would be Make, Calm, Productivity. 

Tavis Smiley enjoys a gift. 

Tavis Smiley enjoys a gift. 

January and early February have set the stage what seems like a banner quilt making year. The latter half of February has surprised me with some unexpected change. Not unusual. Although I might have less time to sew, I think good and exciting things are a foot and I cant wait to take my quilts along for the ride.