September in Review

September is a month to look forward to each year. But it’s also a month that flies by. We traveled this month, relaxed, spent time with family and friends, changed our household, and didn’t get as much rest as we had hoped. We swam, and enjoyed local’s Summer as well as working hard.

sept 3 2019.png

We tried to get to the beach as much as possible, #septemberswims being high on our list of priorities. We even dipped our toes in a far away lake.

sept 1 .png

Our home life changed with the addition of a new house member, so taking care of the house and the cats were key. We got to meet up with friends, new and old. We got to take care of new cats and visit with some we had missed!

Traveling and exploring were a theme this month. We visited new places near and far.

sept 2 2019.png

September was an indulgent month, with travel and good food and drink. We might have spent too much, but we enjoyed ourselves! It wasn’t all a joy ride, we also spent money on things we needed like a new car!

Here are some things I learned, or relearened in September:
- You can get used to just about anything as long as you have a positive attitude.
- I love to travel, but being home is just as nice.
-Drinking more water is always best.

Local’s summer was as good as can be. What will October bring?