August in Review

I never intend for August to get away from me, but it always does. Bc of my seasonal job, bc of Summer, bc Of my husbands seasonal job, bc of the warm weather, August is always a very busy month. Work is a focus, but we also try to get some beach and nature time in, see family and friends, and prepare for the rest of the year.

aug 3 2019.png

There were plenty of #watchercats out and about in August. Despite the heat, you could find them peering off of porches, or out from air conditioned houses. There were butterflies and bees around all August long.

aug 2 2019.png

We were able to visit with friends and family a bit even though it was a hectic month. BBQs, small adventures, farmers markets and more were more fun with company.

aug 1 2019.png

We spent a lot of our free time this month hanging out in our city by the sea. We took time to walk on the boardwalk, observe the city, enjoy the beach.

August was busy and lovely, but tiring also. I am so excited to celebrate local’s summer and September.