Bullet Journal Check In: A new BUJO

It's that wonderful time that comes around every so often! I have filled my bullet journal and its time to set up a new one!!


My favorite notebook to use is Fabriano notebook with grid paper. I've used a few of these, my last BuJo was a purple one and for my new journal I got one in blue. Bc I buy a new (bio friendly) notebook, I make sure to only use pens I already have. We have a seemingly endless supply of pens and markers. So the pen I'm using right now is just some sort of black in pen that has rattled around the house and the name brand has worn off. 

I am on the hunt for a more zero waste/low impact solution to just buying a new notebook Perhaps I should start seeking them out at thrift shops or yard sales? Does anyone have any low impact solutions to notebook needs?


My last journal lasted from November until April. I'm excited to see how many months I get out of my new bullet journal!