Bullet Journal Check In: Trial and Error

I love my bullet journal and find it a very effective tool, as well as being a calming and pleasurable routine. I often try new spreads, new ideas, and new ways to track things in my life. Sometimes they work, sometimes not at all. 

During the end of Jan and the beginning of Feb, I have tried several new things for me. Some are working, some are failing, and some will get modified to try again. 

Capsule Tracker:


I've tried a few different methods to see how I'm utilizing my capsule wardrobe. I can't recall where I saw someone tracking what they wore, the prominent colors, and what items of clothing is the favorite. I Really like this to quickly see what i love wearing and what I wear all the time. I think one thing that will help this tracker, and my bullet journal overall, is to take more care with how I write my lists.

Expenses Tracker:


I usually only put the total of my daily expenses in the log section of each month. I thought really laying out every little item I spend on would be interesting. I also have been tracking if the purchases make me feel a certain way. MuchelleB suggests this as another good way to see what you're and why you're spending what you are. If purchases are not making you feel happy why are you making them? 

Cleaning Tracker:


This is another expanded tracker that I plant to do very differently next month. Previously, I had a tracker for some cleaning tasks in my weekly over view. But I found that some weeks I would forget to fill it in and some weeks I wouldn't even write it out all the way. I'm planning on dividing tasks into daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly tasks. I know many bullet journal users do this but I've never tried it! 

Content Tracker:


I saw this content tracker on FemmeHead and I thought it would be a nice thing to try, especially bc I hope to extend my content. As you can see from all the scratched area, it needs some work.  

Chris Lunch/Shopping List:


Lastly, I have started to track what my husband brings for lunch at work and how often he brings it. I'm liking this, but I don't know if it's actually useful yet. For most of my time bullet journaling, I  had been putting a shopping list randomly where ever in my daily pages or anywhere it fit. I've started putting the shopping list all in one place for the last few months and I find this super helpful. 

What new trackers and pages are you trying in your Journal this month? Does anyone have any ideas how my trackers could be more effective?