Mad Cat Capsule: Autumn (October - December)

At the start of my summer capsule, I had a hard time picking what it would be. This time around, I couldn't wait! Autumn is my third capsule and it was surprisingly easy to put together.  

This is the third capsule I've created since starting this project. When I was putting together Summer, I put several things aside for Fall, but when it came down to it, I only used a few of those. For Summer, I had one piece that inspired the whole collection, but for fall everything came together more organically. 

I happened to be going through all my clothes for a clothing swap with co workers, and I started by pulling everything I might like to wear and used that as a guide. I already had a basic idea of what I wanted to roll over from my Summer capsule.
The weather will be warm and cold and all other the place for this capsule so I have a wide range of clothing from tank tops to sweaters. 
For Fall, I kept my signature colors of grey and blue and I saved some coral pieces from Summer which worked well with some new items I'm adding.
Here is what is included in this capsule:


6 Tee Shirts - Most of these are rolled over from all of my previous capsules; A local brewery tee, a work tee from our 2016 picnic, a local radio stations tee, my grey v neck, a blue v neck, a cranberry crew neck. 

4 Tank Tops - These are all relatively old and well worn, and I'll mostly use them mostly for layering. These are all solids, some spaghetti straps, some wider strapped. 


7 Button Downs/Over Shirts/Long Sleeved/Fancy Shirts- I found that I wore a ton of button downs and over shirts for layering or just as is in Summer, so I'm keeping a few and adding a bunch. I'm also adding some long sleeve tees and shirts. I'm keeping both my denim button downs, and my white button down top. I'm adding a "fancy" button down. This goes with the blue silk tee that I've had for the last few capsules. I also have a waffle tee and a cowl neck 3/4 sleeve. 


7 Sweaters - I plan on getting a lot of use from sweaters and layers in this capsule. I have included some over sweaters and some that I can just wear as is. Two of these have been in my previous capsules. 


3 Skirts - I'm keeping the long flowing black skirt from Summer and adding a midi cordoroy, and a shorter wool skirt, all with pockets!


2 Dresses - I don't wear a lot of dresses, but it's good to have some! One with pockets, one with out. 


5 Pants - All my currant jeans are thrifted.  I'm toying with adding some other pants but I can't decide. 

I'm glad that my Autumn capsule falls right at Slow Fashion October. Part of the idea of my using a capsule wardrobe initially was to pare down the hundreds of clothes I own, but it was also to be more mindful of what I wear and where it comes from. I'm happy that 18 out of 34 of this capsule falls under slow fashion criteria. These pieces are either over 10 years old or second hand. Many of the new items were bought in small local shops.

How is everyone else's current capsule going?