Bullet Journal Check in: Tracking My Sewing

For September, I'm trying to think of a more structured way to track my sewing in my Bullet Journal. Now that the slow season at my job is upon us, I have to really get to work and sew, sew, sew!


Up until now I have had sewing as just one line on my habit tracker. I track approximately 30 -34 activities on this tracker per month. Mostly they stay the same but occasionally I add a seasonal activity or a habit I'm trying to pick up. Sometimes I drop a habit that I don't feel needs tracking or that I move to a different feature of my journal. My habit tracker is just a yes/no, did it/didn't do it affair. If it's checked I did it. 


For instance, according to my BuJo, I sewed only 5 days in August. That could have been 12 hours each day or it could have been 1 stitch. For reference, in July I sewed 6 days, in June 9, in May 7, so far in Sept only 4. April was divided between two books, but from the 10th to the 30th I sewed 13 of those days.   


I feel sewing needs more attention now that I have some time to complete more complex goals. I'm not sure what layout I can use, or how to organize and record my sewing practices, but I plan to look around at other people's tracking systems for inspiration. Any Bullet Journalists out there have any suggestions? Any sewists use trackers to see what they have done?