August In Review

August was unseasonable. It was mild, cool, even! The weather was temperate, and we tried to relax where and when possible. But August was also busy and exhausting. 

Living in a beach town, where all the tourist flock, and who's getting more publicity each year, August tends to be insane. August is also when my blogging usually falls off and when I try to take some time off. I was undecided about taking a break right until the middle of the month. 

But in the end, I'm glad I did. My time off even carried over into September!

aug 1 .png

August was all about seeing friends, exploring new places, seeing family, visiting our favorite places, and generally just keeping it together! 

We were able to visit old haunts, heading back to Brooklyn or stopping by a favorite petting farm.  We also explored new places, like going camping in a state park! Since the beach is covered in tourists, we shied away from going to the beach too much, but we did sneak in a few good days. 

We saw plenty of #watchercats this month, which always brightens a time full of work and toil. 

We worked a lot at our jobs, Summer being the busy time for the whole family, but we didn't get too much work at home done. No sewing or quilting really happened this month but we did get a little work on the house done when we started renovating our kitchen. We also did some yard maintenance in August. 

aug 4.png

We got to try some new restaurants and partake in all of the food bounty August has to offer. Tomatoes! Peaches! Nectarines! Arugula!

Although it was a hard month, with lots of work and stress, we tried to make the most of it and enjoy Summer when we could.

 We took much needed breaks when we could in August. Hopefully we will have an easier time in September. Let's find out!