OMG April

Here we are at the end of the 3rd month of OMG2017, and I haven't had a singe finish! Yikes. Maybe I'm choosing too lofty goals. So for April, I'm picking an easy one.  I started this little quilt top using scraps from another top I'm building. For April, I'd Like to finish just the top. 


That goal seems easy enough and I'd really like to get it done. There's no rush on this one, it's not even on my Q2 FAL list, so that should take some pressure off. But I think this will make a perfect little baby quilt some day. 

Here's a rather sad look at OMG2017 so far:
Jan - Quilt Maybe Lyz - Not finished
Feb - Quilt Tom Mat - Not finished
Mar - Finish Tom Mat - Not Finished
Apr - Finish Little Baby Quilt Top - 

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