Everlane 1st Purchase Review

For the last few years, I've been trying hard to 1) not purchase too many clothes, and 2) not to purchase new clothes. I buy second hand bc it's better for the environment, bc I enjoy the mindfulness that goes into it, bc it keeps me from shopping in fast fashion, and because it helps save money. 

I love that second hand clothing is already broken in, easy to wear, a fun challenge to find, and I feel good about wearing it out, rather than worrying about saving it. But I generally buy second hand fast fashion (think Gap, Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters) clothing and it does wear out faster than buying new (if your buying well made new clothes) and I have found myself really burning through the jeans I have thrifted lately. I knew that if I wanted to buy a better quality, ethically and eco friendly made pair of jeans, I wanted to try Everlane


I first heard of Everlane through Erin at Reading My Tea Leaves but so many blogs I read rave about them. I liked that they fit into a new way of thinking about the fashion industry, conscientiously and transparently. 

I chose the High Rise Skinny Jean. On the models they are sleek, but sturdy looking. In person, they are mom jeans. Don't get me wrong! I like them! A lot! But they remind me of the older style of jeans with less spandex, less give, and more stiffness. On the models and on blogs I've seen, they look like they hug your curves and wear like more modern skinny jeans. They may be true for the skinny and the tall, but for my 150lb, 5'2", nearly 40 year old frame, they wear like a mom jean. I'm not complaining! But I thought an honest review would be best. I like the way these jeans make my butt look, they are soft and comfortable (and seem like they will get way more soft and comfortable!), I like the wash I chose. I would, and mostly likely will, buy more jeans from Everlane. But I feel a bit old in them, if stylishly old. 

I've worn these jeans about a dozen times now, and I can see them being a staple in many of my capsule wardrobes going forward. I'll continue to check in as they wear to see how they hold up. I also purchased a shirt along with the jeans but have only had the chance to wear it once. When I feel I have more data, I may make a review of that as well. 

Overall, I waas happy to support a company working to change the way we think about fashion and happy with what I got and how it fits. Have any of you tried this brand? What sustainable, ethical, eco friendly clothing companies do you buy?