Mad Cat Capsule : Winter 2018 (January - March)

This capsule marks the end of my first year having a capsule wardrobe. My Winter capsule came about pretty easily. The way I create my capsule is to take absolutely all my clothes from everywhere and put them on the couch.  This was the first capsule where I was able to fit everything in the "extra clothes" bins I keep. Before now, clothes were spilling out all over. I was also able to sort all the clothes that aren't in this capsule by item. Previously, there were just too many pieces of clothing to keep track of. Keeping a seasonal capsule wardrobe has been a great way for me to let go of things and wear what I love while paring down. I created two paper grocery bags full of clothes to giveaway or donate because of the sorting of this capsule. 

For my Winter capsule, I really wanted to change things up. I have had so many of the same pieces in my first three capsules and although I love them, I was for something a little different this time around. In my other capsules the color blue played a big role, but for Winter I took all the blue out of my wardrobe. I also swapped out some favorite tees and staples for new and different items. My color palate for the Winter months are greens, creams, grey and heavy on the black. 

I'm glad that most of my wardrobe still falls under slow fashion, with many items being 10 years old or older, bought second hand, or bought in indie shops. I'm also super excited to include my first purchases from sustainable, responsible companies. 


6 t shirts - I kept my grey v neck (10+ years), this piece has been in all my capsules. My green v neck (10+), Happy Bday sandwiches cat shirt (thrifted), skeleton shirt (10+), cream pizza shirt from work, green xmas shirt from work.  


6 tanks - Most of the tanks in my capsule are 10+ years old. I have a grey, black and green with owls tanks, all from old navy.  I also have a cream tank (10+) and a army green tank and a black spaghetti strap tank (both getting close to 10+). 


5 long sleeve tees - I added a lot of layering tees in this capsule and so far, 10 days in, I'm so glad I did! I have three waffle tees, two 10+ from America Apparel (one grey and one light green) and one dark green (that one is getting up there). I also have a 3/4 sleeve black tee that must be at least 15 years old. Same with a long sleeve green tee that I've had forever. 


6 "fancy" shirts - I'm trying to add some flair into Winter, let's see how that works. The black sheer top, green feather top, and grey lace top are fairly new (6+ years). The gold flowy top and the anchor top are newly thrifted. I also purchased a new top from Everlane that falls into the "fancy" category. 


5 skirts - The long black skirt has been in my previous capsules and is newer (4+ years). It was bought at a local indie shop when I lived in Brooklyn. The black cord mini is 10+. The grey wool skirt is thrifted and the black leather is thrifted and probably at least 20 years old. I also have a long grey leather skirt that I got at a stoop sale (15+). 


6 jeans - My grey jeans, black jeans, and green jeans were all thrifted last year. My levis are well past 10 years old. I plan on doing a full review of my new Everlane jeans soon!


7 sweaters - I have two thrifted sweaters, a grey one and a mottled one with a cowl neck. I have two cardigans both 4 - 7 years old (the black one was bought in an indie shop). I have a cream wool sweater, a dark grey sweater, but my favorite sweater is a over sized teal sweater I got about 4 years ago. 

I don't include underwear, leggings, tights, exercise clothes, sleepware, or outerware in my capsules. But this season I am including shoes! I have 10 pairs of shoes for the Winter capsule. I plan to shoe these in another post. I hope to pare down my shoes, just like my clothes! 

This capsule is quite large, about as large as my very first capsule of clothes alone was!! I have about 51 items in this capsule (at least 23 of them slow fashion). For me, capsule wardrobes aren't about the perfect number, they are about mindful choices and wearing things I love. 

Who else is starting a new capsule in January? Is it Winter or Summer where you are? What are your go to cold weather clothes?