Bullet Journal Check In: Future Log

Back in January, when I been using my Bullet Journal for about 10 months, I stated that my Future Log was a mess. I think now, 9 months and 2 journals after that, I like the way my Future Log is set up. Since I'm starting a new notebook, I thought now would be a good time to share. 


My Future Log is entered on the pages directly following my Index and are the first pages that are numbered. I add a small calendar for each month, title the month, and then list any and all events and their dates that fall under that month. I start by reviewing my on line calendar for national/international holidays or important dates.

When I first started out, I might've added silly dates like international cat day, or other made up "holidays" or days of recognition. But I found this cluttered my space and really did not help me in any way. 


Next, I add things from the wonderful calendar that my Mother in Law sent us that has family birthdays, anniversaries, events, etc... I also add my side of the family's notable dates from memory. I add dates from my or my husbands work, such as when they are closed for holidays or when we have off, and from my mother's school calendar. I went to that school and still have close ties, so try to know when they have events or days off. 

I only go 6 months into the future with my Future Log (3 pages). I do this even if I think the notebook will not last that long. If I do get a new notebook before my current Future Log, I use the previous one to transfer over dates. If there are dates that I want to remember far in advance, past the 6 months, I write them under the last month as notes. 


I refer to my Future Log often, and love to check off the dates as they occur. I use it when setting up each Monthly Spread, and throughout the year to add things that pop up like concerts, festivals and events that aren't in that month.    

How do you use your Future Log? Do you prefer to have a whole year written down?