YOTS Check In: August & Fabric Gifts

A package arrived from Tennessee the other day... but what it contained had traveled from Alabama, via Tennessee, to NJ, to me!
Much to my delight and surprise, it was full of fabric from my brother in law and sister in law! I'm not entirely sure where they found it all, but they thought I could use it and I'm excited to try!

There were also a few good rummage and yard sales, so I added even more to my stash. 

But besides these surprises, and/or not to be passed up mostly vintage finds, I have been very good about not adding to my stash this year. Although I have been tempted a few times to buy new pretty fabric, I have abstained. 

Unfortunately, I haven't used as much stash as I would like so far this year. I'm hoping and waiting for the cool weather, the slow down of work outside the home, and getting back to sewing everyday. 

Here's what my fabric intake/usage looks like so far this year:
Fabric Added Since last Update: Approximately 15 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date:  Aprroximately 21 yards
Fabric Used Since last update: approximately .25 yard
Fabric Used year to Date: Approx. 8 yards