Zoo at Home, Zoo Abroad: Prospect Park Zoo

It's hard to believe that in all the time I've been writing about Zoos at Home, Zoos Abroad, I haven't made an entry for one of our all time favorite zoos. The Prospect Park Zoo was our "home" zoo for many years and we visited it often. These photos were taken during our last visit which was back in August 2015. 

In the heart of Brooklyn's biggest park, this zoo is a magical little slice of zoo with wild creatures and a little petting farm. It has also become a sanctuary for the areas birds and bugs within the city. 

The Prospect Park Zoo packs a lot of wild and exotic animals into its small foot print. Some of my favorites are field mice, Pallas cats, red pandas, otters, mongooses, peacocks, and more!

The petting farm has chickens, pigs, sheep, etc... It's a nice connection of people and animals. 


There are several buildings that contain the wild creatures, connected by meandering trails that make you feel like walking in an animal, bug, and flora filled wonderland. There's a aviary, duck ponds, a sea lion pool to walk through and around. 

The Prospect Park Zoo is truly a Brooklyn treasure and I highly suggest anyone in the area to visit it.