Simple Matters

One of my goals in 2016 is to read more. See other books I've read here.

I love Erin Boyle's blog, Reading My Tea Leaves, so I was happy to get and read her first book, Simple Matters


I've bought 4 books this year, and 2 of them about decluttering and organization (the other two are about sharks). What does that tell you about my head space?

Like her blog, Simple Matters focuses on Erin's methods for simplifying and organizing one's life. She uses her own life to test theories and try out ideas for decorating, meal planning, entertaining, baby raising, and tiny life in the city. 

It took me a while to get through Simple Matters. Although I love Erin's blog, I found the book to be a bit clunky and disorganized. Not everything on the blog in relevant to me but the book somehow felt less so. I had trouble weeding out things that felt useful and those that didn't. There were still many things I enjoyed about this book, but I wish it were organized more like her blog. All that being said, Simple Matters is full of gorgeous pictures and sage advice. I can't wait to read her next effort. I would recommend this book for anyone interesting in living in a tiny space, people trying to reorganize their home, or those who enjoy simple living. 

What genre of books have you been reading more of these days?