The New School Of Monmouth County Student Pillows

The New School of Monmouth County (TNS) is a private alternative school in NJ. The philosophy of the school is based on the British integrated day, where there are no changing of classes only a central class where students explore all aspects of education. The curriculum is project based through which students gain all aspects of education. 

The last few weeks I have been working at TNS to help complete a pillow project the students have been working on for the last few months. The students, who are 7-10 years old, worked with co-teacher Kathryn to create drawings using geometry, math and geometric shapes. From these, they created patterns and used these patterns to create patchwork pillows. 

I came in to assist the students cut out their patterns and hand sew the patchwork. From this project they gained experience in math skills, applying math to tangible applications, drawing, technical drawing, pattern making, hand eye coordination, following a pattern, following verbal and written directions, knot making, sewing, stuffing, working in a cooperative setting, helping fellow students, and patience. Among other things.

Below are some of the students work, made completely by themselves from start to finish, with only help and guidance from teachers. 

This pillow depicts a closed book seen on an angle. 

This pillow depicts a closed book seen on an angle. 

Even though the work is not my own, I'm linking up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching to show it off!