Bangkok 8

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Another book from my unread book pile, I think I originally picked Bangkok 8 by John Burddett up off a stoop or at a cheap book sale but it may also have been given to me by a fellow mystery lover purging his collection.


I did not pay $2 for this book, that I do remember. I'm pretty sure it was totally free. 

Thai Police Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep is trying to stay on the path to enlightenment with the Buddha, but it doesn't come as naturally to him as it does to his partner and best friend.  When Sonchai's partner is killed as a result of a mysterious and snake filled murder, he must solve the case and put aside his spiritual ascension to seek revenge. Although a gifted detective, the case proves difficult not the least bc of a sexy and forward FBI agent also on the trail. Sonchai's learning a lot about about Western vs Thai culture, life in general and himself. Will he be able to avenge his brother when the time comes? 

I really enjoyed this book, it has an interesting pacing and inner monolog of it's main character, both of which switched back and forth from a seemingly Western pace and mentality, to a more Eastern slow and spiritual approach.. The details of life in Thailand make it clear that the Author spent a lot of time there but I still felt that the reader was getting the information translated through a Western white male perspective. I felt that took away from the book a bit bc I felt dubious about some of the feelings and reactions in the book. This might have just been my take on it, tho. I really enjoyed the fact that I wasn't sure what the resolution would be, right up to the last chapter. I would recommend this book to those who like foreign thrillers, books set in exotic locals, and people who enjoy reading about Buddhist mentality.  

Have you read this novel? Can you suggest other books set in Thailand?