Commissions: Two Open Slots + Pricing

I've made several commissioned quilts and I really enjoy them! 
I wish I could say that I could make them all the time. But the truth is, they take me a long time!! I have not picked the easiest way to make quilts (sometimes I wish I liked working on the sewing machine). All my quilts are hand pieced, basted, quilted, and bound. I find they take me 3 months, at the very least, if I'm working on nothing else. To be safe, I'd say they take me 5 months to make a baby quilt (or lab) quilt. 

I've been planning out some quilting for the year and I would really like to take on a few commissions! Being April, I calculate that I have time to do 2 baby or lab quilts before xmas. To be sent out in time to give as gifts. 

Please use the contact tab above if you are interested in a Mad Cat Quilts commission. 

Quilts have base prices, and then money gets added on for design complexity, fabric selection, quilting complexity, backing, etc... Which all can range from $20 - $?? above the starting prices depending on what we choose together. Here are the starting prices :
Minis start at $75
Baby or crib quilts start at $175
I don't have time for a larger quilt at the moment, but here are the larger size prices:
Throw start at $225
Twin size starts at $350
Full start at $400
Queen start at $650
King start at $850

baby snow 1.jpg

The way my commissions usually go is pretty organic. I get some info from the buyer about what they would like, come up with some color, fabric, and pattern ideas to run by them. Once that is decided, I show them the start of the top, and we kinda go from there. If someone has something specific in mind, we look at those options. I've always had really good luck in that my clients know and like my style of quilting: slow and all hand done, no measuring... etc... People seek me out for this style and that's really lovely.  

I really hope I can make a few special quilts for my readers out there!! I'm really excited to work with some new people on great new quilts. Please use the contact tab above if you're interested in one of the slots!