A Week of Bowls

My smoothie bowl obsession is still going strong. Here's what a week in the life looks like:

Monday 9/5: Acai, banana, leftovers from last bowl (pitaya, bananas), spinach, cherries, coconut milk. Topped with local bee pollen, local peaches and blackberries, bananas, coconut, chia, cacao. 


Tuesday 9/5: Acai, banana, spinach, blackberries, coconut milk. Topped with grapes, local blackberries, chia, local bee pollen, cacao nips and dried cherries. . 

Wednesday 9/7: Banana, local peach, red grapes, almond milk. Topped with cacao nibs, chia, bee pollen, local blackberries, and coconut. 


Thursday 9/8: Acai and frozen mango with coconut milk. Nectarine, chia seeds, bee pollen, cacao nibs, bananas, on top. 

Friday 9/9: Bananas, spinach, mangos and coconut milk with local blackberries, nectarine, bee pollen, chia and cacao nibs. 

Saturday, I ate a bowl out. Sunday I ate some refrozen, then reblended left over bowl bits. And I've eaten a bowl everyday since. You can catch some on my instagram