October in Review

As I've said before, October is edging up to become my favorite month. Especially since we've moved Down the Shore. So much happened this month, it feels a bit like a rollercoaster. 

We visited a lot of vets this month, as one of our little family members is gravely ill. But we also took time to spend with her and give her our energy when possible. We did the same for our other furred family members. 

There were plenty of warm days in October and the water stayed warm right up until the last week, so we spent a lot of time at the beach, combing, and exploring new places, creating new rituals. Towards the end I headed out in sweats, hats, and scarves. I'm hoping I can hold off on the gloves until December. 

Plants and critters were out in full force this month, no doubt trying to take advantage of the last warm days, just like me! I saw so many bugs, spiders, and furry creatures this month. Never a bad thing. 

Speaking of furry creatures, October may have been the best month for #watchercats and #watcherdogs!

October wasn't the catch up month I thought it will be. Let's see if I can hang on to November.