Art and Nature at New Orleans Museum of Art Sculpture Garden

While we were in New Orleans we went to the New Orleans Museum of Art Sculpture Garden.  The museum itself was closed as it was a Monday. But the Garden is open 7 days a week. 

There were quite a few nice pieces, including a Magritte right was we walked in!

There were several other notable sculptures, as well, all nestled among winding pathways. Water features prominently in the sculpture garden, along with the large Spanish moss covered trees, this makes the garden cool and breezy to walk thru. 

bird man.jpg

We encountered many lizards darting on the paths but try as we might, we couldn't catch any. 


We also crossed paths with a surprisingly aggressive duck. We had a puzzle of trying to get him to let us get around him as we wound our way through the garden. We soon realized that his aggressive nature was merely a food seeking ploy and we followed him on his begging route until he landed us at a perfect spot for a cool break.