Zoo at Home, Zoo Abroad: Cape May County Zoo

One zoo we enjoy is the Cape May County Zoo. We visited in May of 2015 and had visited about a year earlier. We're eager to visit again, but are waiting for warmer weather.


This is a strange zoo in my opinion. It's weirdly out of time and even a little slipshod looking. The cages are seemly little more than chain-link fences, and the inside enclosures are painted with trippy old murals or so spartan to seem as if they are abandoned. The zoo is nestled in a large wooded park, and the whole thing seems rather... unprofessional in some way. This could all be due to the amazing fact that this zoo is completely free and is run by donation. 

But once you start to look around, you see that the rangers are very caring, and the spaces are big, spacious, and well maintained despite looking outdated.


The Cape May County Zoo has some really incredible animals! Giraffes, buffalo, tiger, cheetahs, zebras are all kept in large outdoor pens, most of which have pedestrian walkways over head and slightly away from the habitats. A safe enough distance, so no one can throw anything at or harm the creatures, but so that one gets a good view of the animals roaming around. 

The Cape May zoo has some focus on local animals and habitats which is pretty neat. The last time we were there they were working on a few new areas, including some new ocelot pens. We're excited to go back to have a look soon. 

Another thing we like about this zoo is that they have a petting zoo! They also have chickens and peacocks who wonder around freely. We really enjoy the interactive nature of this zoo. 


In the end, I really care about this zoo. Having gone there a few times now, any misgivings I had have been alleviated. I also really appreciate that the zoo is free, open to the public, and fun for all ages! I highly recommend checking this one out if in the area.