The Soc

Oh, the internet!
People love it. 

Here are some places you can find Mad Cat Quilts (and what you can expect when you do):
You're already here! Blog, quilts, links, contact. Follow this blog on Bloglovin!

Mad Cat Quilts Big Cartel Shop
My main shop were you can buy Mad Cat quilts and other items. You can also purchase Library Card items here. Needs an update, badly...!

Madcat1 on Instagram
This is where I spend a lot of my time! Home life, cats, quilt progress shots. Blog and shop updates posted here, as well as giveaways and special offers (someday!). 

@madcatquilts On Twitter
Mostly a dream journal. Also another place to find my instagrams, blog & shop updates, and special offers.  

Ana Mo Shoshin on Pinterest
Find boards/inspiration for things I like here; tattoos, cats, plants, quilts... etc... And find more info on blog topics like Recently Researching, Wardrobe Project, quilt labels, quilt blocks, etc....

Mad Cat General Store on Etsy Coming soon!
Another place to find my wares, as well as Library Card and other artisans. This shop also contains some vintage goods and seconds.  

Mad Cat Quilts is all over the virtual universe, so take a look, follow along, and reach out to say "Hi". I'm looking forward to it!