Artifacts Uprising Review

Disclaimer: My product reviews are completely unsponsored and unsolicited. The opinions are my own from my own experiences. 

Just the week before xmas, I decided I really wanted to send out new address cards for the xmas/new year season. I've always wanted to try Artifacts Uprising so I thought this would be the perfect time. 

arti 1 .jpg

I decided to use two photos I had taken of the wreath on our door. I logged on easily and chose the cards I wanted. I opted for the simple Everyday Photo Cards in size 3.5 x 4.9. It was a little confusing bc although I opted for 20 cards in the quantity section, the editor section only let's you edit 10 at a time. You also have to edit one card at a time, but you can choose 10 different designs, one for each card. I did my first batch of 10 cards all the same photo, the next batch I did 5 and 5. Since I ordered them so close to the holiday, they let me know there was no guarantee I'd get them in time to send for xmas. 

arti blog 1.jpg

Artifacts Uprising was very quick and the cards arrived with in a week or so! I imagine the wait would be longer if the order were larger. The cards themselves are really lovely, printed on heavy, soft, textured, card stock. The images are crisp and the colors are bright. I love the minimal use of the company logo on the back of each card.  Overall, the quality is very high.
Artifacts Uprising is a little more pricy than some of the other makers out there (each card came to about $1.83) but I will definitely be using them again. I would highly recommend them!

Has anyone else used Artifacts Uprising?