December in Review

Another year, done and dusted. 2017 was pretty tough, but it had so many great moments as well, and December is a perfect example. 

We dealt with sickness, stress, anxiety, this month but also new beginnings, goals achieved, spending time with family and friends, and greeting our newest family member!

dec 1 new.png

We didn't get to the beach or to travel as much as we would have liked. But we always try to squeeze those things in where we can. We decorated, cooked, played clue, took walks, and chatted with family and friends for the holiday season. For those who are far from us, we talked on the phone, texted and sent photos. I didn't get to send a holiday card in 2017, but there's always new year cards!

dec 3.png

The weather turned brutally cold and the holidays are a hectic time at work, so we didn't get to walk too much, but some #watchercats were seen, and some were right under our noses at home.

December saw sickness and new beginnings. We're still fighting off illness in our clowder of cats, and I'm hoping January will see a break from sad babies and sadder cat mom (me). We are still figuring out our new addition, but check it out! He already has his own insta! 

dec 4.png

In Dec, we tried to eat well, stay cozy and keep the Winter blues at bay. We weren't always successful. But discovering a juicy new apple, spreading light through our house, listening to records, plant maintenance, plus more self care, helped us see some bright sides.  

dec 2.png

For this the last month of 2017, and for the whole year with all it's ups and downs, we are thankful. We are thankful for a new year ahead. January 2018, here we come!!